Down Under: We’re finally here!

Hello from Manly, New South Wales!

I’m finally here, and settled in with the whole group! We’re staying at the International College of Management Sidney. We’re about a 20 minute ferry ride from Sidney. It’s gorgeous here; I can’t even begin to try to explain it.

The campus used to be a convent in the 1800s so the architecture is beautiful. I’m staying in a double. The rooms are clean, but nothing special. It’s great through; I feel like I’m living in a freshman dorm all over again.

Fun Facts: Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban had their wedding at this school. It’s also the mansion from the Great Gatsby movie!

The school itself sits on a huge hill; you can’t even see the top from the bottom. The walk from the school, down the hill and into town is 10-15 minutes of steep incline.

Upon everyone’s arrival, we had a tour of the campus. Aside from our group of 26, there’s a group from Brazil, Germany and from New York staying on campus as well. The school provided us with a barbecue dinner outside. It was great with a gorgeous view!

We got dressed up, took pictures, and just got to know each other better. I really like the group I’m here with. I’m the only one not from the University of Delaware but they’ve been really inviting and fun to be with.

After the barbeque we went back and hung out in one of the bigger rooms. Eventually all 24 of us went out to explore Manly.  There’s an awesome beach and a ton of restaurants and shops throughout. It was a great first night out.

Today, Tuesday, we had breakfast at 7:30 a.m. and class at 8:00. Because it was the first day, we just got a brief idea of what coursework would be required. Then our professors took us into Sidney. We toured the Opera House which was really cool.

We then walked for about an hour (in dresses) to where we were supposed to eat lunch. Meat pies are a cultural staple so we decided to all try one…not my thing. It’s basically weird roast beef with a blob of potatoes on top.

By this point everyone was tired so we began the journey back to Manly. Tonight it’s raining so we may just stay in and get delivery for dinner. We have a quiz tomorrow and lots of reading to do too. Everyone’s tired and sore so we will probably just all hang around the dorm tonight – so college. Until next time..

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