1 Week Down…

So much has happened this week, yet it feels like its flown by! We’ve offically spent 1 week here in Manly, Australia! My group is really starting to get to know each other and have a lot of fun!

Last week we were getting adjusted to our new home and had lots of class and homework. We had our first wine tasting in class on Wednesday which was very interesting. One day after class our group headed into Manly and met at our favorite place in town. There’s four levels including an amazing rooftop with modern seating and a small bar. We had a wonderful view, great place and good drinks to enjoy!

By the time Friday came around, we were all so ready for some time off! Twelve of us decided to do the Sydney Harbor Bridge climb. We took the ferry over to Sydney and had to climb just to get to the bridge. We were given oh-so-fashionable (not) jumpsuits, gear and lots of instructions. We climbed up 1 ,332 steps to the very top and it was totally worth it! We got lots of pictures and even a funny video of our group. Afterwards, we went out to explore the Sydney night life. It was interesting to see; they listen to almost all American music, but put it to house music. Overall, Friday was definitely the highlight of the trip thus far!

photo 3(1) 1526833_10203013467082236_49942771_n

Saturday was our first 100% free day with great weather. The girls (there’s 15 of us) were ready to bake on the beach! Although there’s a very popular beach near us, we opted for a local favorite: what we call ‘the rocks.’ There’s tons of huge, natural rocks that border the ocean and make a great spot to set up camp. Here in Australia, there’s no ozone layer so the sun is much more powerful. We went through an entire bottle of sunscreen because we had to reapply so much.

photo 5 photoAfter the gorgeous day at the beach we headed to a nice restaurant for Josh’s- one of the guys in our group – birthday. I had an amazing crab pasta. Afterwards we all went out and explored Manly a little more.

Sunday morning we saw Illusionists 2.0 at the Sydney Opera House. It was a good show, but not my favorite. Although it is cool to say we’ve seen a show in such an iconic venue.

photo 4 photo 2(2)

This week we have two midterms, five quizzes, and two finals along with group project work. It’s a bit overwhelming and especially hard to study when you have 80-degree weather and a beach within walking distance. Wish me luck!

photo 1(1) photo 2(1) 1175579_723976384286708_486412783_n 1017140_721613267856353_460524847_n


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