Moving On

Hello once again!

Our time in Manly has come to a bittersweet end. Over the past week we have made some more amazing memories! Tuesday we all went to the beach and then stayed in town for the night. Wednesday, all 24 of us snagged cabs to Sydney’s Scary Canary. It was an interesting time but not really my cup of tea.

Friday night was great. Our professors organized a fancy shmancy dinner for us. We all got dressed up (some of the guys even voluntarily wore suits) and took pictures. We had a room reserved for dinner that had a balcony at the school with an amazing view. Upon arrival we were handed a champagne-filled flute. For dinner our entree (they call appetizers entrees) we had a shrimp and noodle salad served with a Sauvignon Blanc. We were then served kangaroo with risotto. The roo was SO GOOD! It tasted somewhat like a roast beef or venison. With it we had a glass of Cabernet For dessert we had a chocolate cake with strawberries and chocolate sauce, served with a port wine.

Afterwards the school hosted a ‘disco’ with all of the other groups staying at ICMS. When we got there, everyone was standing around, bored, and no one was on the dance floor. Us Americans changed that! Our group stormed the dance floor and just had a blast all dancing and laughing together.

Saturday we bought tickets to go the Ivy in Sydney. This is supposedly the club where celebrities go when they are in town. although we didn’t see any, we still had an awesome time! It was like a club out of the movies. There were so many different levels, bars, rooms, clubs, etc. that we got lost many times. My favorite was the pool. There was a 70’s theme and everything was decorated spectacularly. There was an awesome DJ inside that had crazy effects, smoke machines, fire blasting and bedazzled show girls. It was a site to see!

Yesterday my roommate and I got some last-minute things done. We slept in, shopped for souvenirs and prepared for our last final this morning. For dinner, our whole group headed to one of our favorite spots, the Ivanhoe, for a relaxing dinner and glass of wine. I had the most amazing salmon cakes!

This morning we took a final and now we are packing and getting ready to leave for our cruise. For the next two weeks we will be cruising around New Zealand and I won’t have much access to the internet so until next time…….

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